That is a Figma prototype.

Daifu extension screens

That are connect, your tokens and create a session screens.

Top of Daifu website

That is the top of the webiste.

November, 2023



Personal project

My role

Product designer

My mission
  • Create the simplest and most user-friendly dApp design for a wallet account abstraction.
  • Create the the UX/UI + HTML5/SASS
  • Create the website

Daifu is a wallet that allows the user to add a security layer on top of their wallet.


2 Co-founders, 1 Business Analyst & Project Manager, 1 Fullstack Blockchain Developer, 1 Web3 Engineer and 1 Product Designer.


Challenges met and solutions found
Functionalities changed frequently due to changes in management and technical constraints.
Remain flexible and understand the reasons why changes are taking place.