Agile and creative,
I am a product designer.

Camille Soldeville working

I'm Camille Soldeville

There are two concepts from the agile method and design thinking that I like very much. The first one is that there is no point in being a perfectionist, if you take 4 hours to do 100% of a task when it takes you 1 hour to do 80%, why not just do the 80% and move on to the next one?! There will always be changes.

The second one is "test and learn", instead of spending weeks discussing an infinite range of possibilities, evantualities, let's test and see what happens! The client will tell us if this solution suits them or if they don't understand, then we iterate and improve.


My experience.

Senior UX/UI designer Web3

Consensys / 2022 January - 2023 April

I was part of several teams for different projects such as the creation of: MetaMask snaps for StarkNet and Bitcoin, a dApp to retrieve NFTs royalties, a wallet feature to add and use virtual cards...

Senior UX/UI designer Web3

Personal project / 2022 November - today

I'm in charge of the UX, the UI and the integration (HTML5/SASS) of the creation of an account abstraction wallet.

Creator of the design system

MCB / 2019 January - 2019 May

Head of the team in charge of creating the design system for the factory that will become the bank's design system. This included the creation of design principles, libraries of components and illustrations, guideline... all for responsive, mobile and native.

UI designer

MCB / 2019 December - 2020 April

Supporting the team in charge of the redesign of the bank's retail mobile app I had to create the screens making sure to respect the design system and create the missing elements.

Product designer

MCB / 2019 May - 2019 July

In charge of the design in the discovery part of the payment app for signatories users, I conducted surveys to understand the pain points and the needs of the customers.

Product designer

MCB / 2019 May - 2019 March

In charge of the design in the descovery part of the back office credit app for companies, I was conducting surveys to understand the pain points and the needs of the relationship managers. Then I created the flow and screens of the app and conducted the first usability tests.

Product designer

MCB / 2019 July - 2019 October

In collaboration with the designer in charge of the signatory payment app, we created a POC highlighting the redesign of the system design through the integration of a multi-channel tool. This consisted of creating a first mobile app in close collaboration with the developers.

UI designer

MCB / 2018 May - 2019 January

I had to create the credit web app screens for the bank. The design system did not exist, I had to create a foundation by collaborating with designers from other teams. I was conducting usability tests in parallel.

Founder of camillecestmoi.com

2016 - 2018

During two years, I created custom websites for SMEs. I even received the local Women in Tech award in 2017 thanks to an innovative working method which consisted of creating designs directly through coding: I would use components that I had created previously, I would then combine them and add the client's style to create a unique website. The front-end part of the website was done in three days. I worked in collaboration with a development agency that took care of the backend part.

My skills.

  • UX / UI design

  • Web app & dApp

  • Design strategy

  • Mentor to junior designers

  • Competitive benchmarking

  • User research

  • Usability testing

  • HTML5 / SASS

  • Bootstrap 5.2

  • English : daily use

My strengths and my weaknesses.


I'm involved in everything I do.


One problem, one solution, I test and I try again!

I'm a fast learner

A new tool to use, no worries, a new direction to take, let's go!

Too passionate

Sometimes it's hard for me to take a step back.


I find it hard to stay focused if a meeting goes over an hour.

Lack of diplomacy

I have to think twice about finding the right words so I don't hurt anyone.

Award I’ve earned.